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Child Support Legal Services

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Child Support Legal Services

The state of California is one of the most stringent, yet consistent when it comes to income available for child support. All courts up and down the state utilize the same formula when determining child support obligations. However, this formula is very sensitive and each figure must be inserted in the correct place in order to determine the most accurate support amount. At HLS, we use the same formula software that is used by the Family Court judges in our daily routine for the benefit of our cliental. Thus, we know exactly how and where all income and exemptions should be applied. We know what information to gather from you and your child’s other parent in order to ensure that all categories are accounted for. In this manner we help you anticipate what support orders will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to file for child support right away when ending my relationship with the other parent?

Every month you fail to file for child support is a month you cannot recoup that potential money for the kids benefit. Child support is not awarded retroactively back to the date you separated, only the date you filed.

Does my child’s other parent have to contribute to medical bills and child care?

At HLS we make sure to request that your other child’s other parent be ordered to contribute to any uninsured medical expenses, child care, and even extracurricular activities when applicable. At HLS we believe that each parent should be responsible for providing for their children.

Once I have a child support order in place, is the order permanent?

No. Child support orders are always modifiable depending on the circumstance. If one parent suffers a hardship, or if visitation orders change, so can support orders. At HLS we can give you detailed insight as to how your child support award could be affected in these different scenarios and will work hard to ensure the other parent contributes what they are fully capable of.

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