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Domestic Violence & Protective Parent Legal Services

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Domestic Violence & Protective Parent Legal Services

One of our greatest passions here at HLS is protecting children and victims of domestic violence. We take these cases very seriously and with the utmost care. Managing Attorney DeAnn Salcido was a former Domestic Violence Judge in San Diego County and she is very familiar with the dynamics of abuse; including the reoccurring cycle of emotional abuse that typically precedes the physical violence. As a Judge, attorney Salcido was part of a task force that added drug and alcohol testing to the domestic violence review hearings.
Throughout these difficult proceedings we are happy to lift you up and make you feel empowered, but we will also keep you accountable for your safety and the safety of your children. The attorneys at HLS can help you get a temporary domestic violence restraining order, a permanent domestic violence restraining order, and/or renew an existing domestic violence restraining order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is domestic violence always physical?

No, domestic violence can be emotional and physical and can come in many forms, including intimidation and harassment. New cases continue to emerge in which the definition of domestic violence is broadened.

What are the implications of a Domestic Violence Restraining Order?

A domestic violence restraining order (“DVRO”) can set either temporary or permanent restrictions on the restrained. These restrictions can cover a range of areas and can include one’s ability to own firearms, be within a certain demographical range of the protected persons, communicate freely, etc. A DVRO can also affect spousal support and custody awards.

Can I not just call Child Protective Services?

Unfortunately, getting Child Protective Services (“CPS”) involved is not always the best option. In fact involving CPS can damage a parent’s credibility with the court if the necessary evidence for CPS to make a finding was not present at the time. In other words, getting CPS involved can sometimes backfire. The attorney’s at HLS can help fight to keep you and your children safe by presenting the facts that we can prove, versus just the fact we know. By hiring an attorney who is not an emotionally vested party, your case can presented clearly and concisely in order to best protect you or your loved ones when involved in a domestic violence relationship.

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