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Division of Marital Property Legal Services

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Division of Marital Property Legal Services

California is a Community Property State. This means that all assets and debts incurred during marriage are to the benefit or detriment of both parties. However, there are a few exceptions. Honorable Legal Services knows exactly how to protect you and your property; including retirement plans and other savings accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an attorney if my ex and I have an agreement?

Unfortunately, as a former family court judge, Managing Attorney Salcido saw many couples come into her courtroom who thought they had divided all assets and debts per an agreement, only to then realize that they had not fully protected themselves. At HLS we make sure that there are no loopholes within your agreements, and that no agreement is described vaguely. Hiring HLS to help you properly draft your Marriage Settlement Agreement ensures that your intent is preserved and enforceable and that everything is documented with clarity.

Am I responsible for my spouse’s debt?

California is a community property state. Thus, the attorneys at HLS are meticulous in calculating each party’s assets and debts incurred during marriage in effort to equalize what each party receives and owes at the end of their relationship. HLS attorneys are skilled at negotiating this division of assets and debts and can help you avoid an unfair split. Failing to hire an attorney often leads to certain assets and debts being unaccounted for, such as life insurance policies and retirement assets.

Do we have to sell the house?

An HLS attorney can help guide you through the negotiation process and can lay out your options for staying in your marital home if desired. If any of the legally available options are viable, staying in the home is a strong possibility.

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